Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mustard The Dragon

     There’s a dragon sleeping in my room. His name is Mustard and he’s my friend.
     Mustard takes up half the floor. He’s green with yellow scales and breathes fire when he snores. That’s how my carpet got singed. 

Mama says he has to go. 

     I said, “If Mustard goes, then I go too, then I climbed on his back and said, “Let’s fly.”
     Mustard leaps out the window and off we soar. The wind almost blows me off, but my backpack snags one of his scales. We fly over the lake and Mustard dives down for a dip.
Now I’m soggy. 

     Mustard races towards the sun and dries me off. Then we slip and slide through the Milky Way. Guess what … 

no cookies 
                                                    and we were hungry.

     It is time to head back to Earth. On the way we wave to the man on the moon.
     Mustard shows me where to find some Dragon Fruit. I had to be careful of the flames.
     It’s been a long day. Mustard’s getting tired and so am I. We look for a place to sleep in a field of dandelions, but then I hear my mama calling me.
     She says it is time for me to come home. Mustard can come too, but he can’t sleep in my room. She shows Mustard the backyard,
and a flame proof dragon house just for him. It is under my window.
     I climb into bed and whisper, “Good night, Mustard,” but he is asleep. I wish I could sleep too ...
but Mustard’s  snoring is loud.


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